A Bible Believing Evangelical Church in the Community of Coldharbour in Eltham, S.E. London.

Pastor: Don Wilson

Mary - Cameroon

Cameroon prayer requests:

Annette Beyer (from May update) is having chemo treatments until mid-July to reduce tumors before surgery can be undertaken. Please continue to pray for perseverance, and for God’s sustaining peace as Annette follows the treatments and as she and Greg look to God for healing.

Regarding the translation project they were assisting in Cameroon, a SIL colleague writes: "The read-through of the Bambalang New Testament has been finished, but there are only about three weeks to do the final work before the type-setting. Pray for Pastor Novethan, Pastor Pius and Pastor Emmanuel, who are very busy working through the editing of the text, making sure things are spelled correctly, that tone is marked in the right places. Pray for their health, and that of their families. Pray that they will be able to complete the work so that the text will be ready for typesetting in July."

The unsettled situation has continued in the English-speaking zone of Cameroon (NW and SW Regions). Please pray for Joseph and Becky Mfonyam as they minister in Bafut, where there is tension and fear. Pray that there would be dialogue and a just resolution of this whole crisis.

Home note:

As part of our church’s 175th anniversary programme, a tent mission is taking place locally from 4th-17th June; a Children’s Bible Club also runs from 4th-8th June. Pray that the preaching of the Word would result in many unbelievers converted and Christians revitalised in their faith.

I’m glad to report that my dental problems have been relieved. Also my times of sharing with various groups in May were encouraging – thank-you for praying!

Caleb - USA

We are thankful to God who has shown his blessings towards Ambassadors where we have had the opportunity to start a women’s team in Cleveland and the opportunity to provide a place for elite players to develop and to use our platform for ministry.

As you know, in January 2018 we took a team to Lima, Peru to support and enhance the ministry there. Please continue to pray for the work that took place there, that God’s ministry will continue to be enriched and developed.


Please also remember Mexico in your prayers and the trip that took place on 25-30 May. Pray that it would have been productive in providing support to the Mexican office not only through sharing the gospel within the clubs, camps, schools and community programmes, but also with the 250 people with whom they worked on a weekly basis, the women’s ministry that took place through the club, and the contacts they made during the women’s games.

Barnabas Fund

Prayer focus update for June. More information can be found at www.barbabasfund.org

Indonesia - Three churches targeted in family suicide bombing. Suicide bombers from the same family targeted early-morning services at three churches of different denominations in Surabaya, on the island of Java, on Sunday 13 May, killing 13 and leaving more than 40 people injured. Lift up in prayer the families of those murdered, that they will know God as their comforter in their time of sorrow (Jeremiah 8:18). Pray that the military defeat of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, which has led to the dispersal of many jihadists, will not result in further attacks on Indonesia’s Christian minority.

Central African Republic - Christians flee rampage by Muslim armed groups in capital. A church minister and at least 15 people were killed in an attack on a church service and Christian-majority neighbourhood in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, on Tuesday 1 May. "They surrounded the building and went in while a service was being held, throwing grenades and firing at the participants. They killed the minister on the spot along with five others," one church leader told Barnabas Fund. The attackers then rampaged through the Christian-majority neighbourhood, "looting shops and killing one of our church members in front of his house". Ask Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace, to bring shalom to the war-torn CAR. Pray for unity within the government and steadfastness on the part of international peace-keeping forces to oppose the violence perpetrated by Islamists.

Myanmar (Burma) - Trapped Kachin Christians reach safety in dramatic elephant escape. Two thousand Kachin Christians, who were trapped by the Myanmar (Burmese) Army in May, travelled on foot and by elephant to reach safety after weeks in the jungle. Many had been injured, some by landmines, as they fled in the panic and chaos that ensued after sudden and heavy airstrikes on villages and IDP camps in the region, which have displaced an estimated 10,000 Kachin civilians. Praise God for the deliverance of His people (Psalm 3:8) and give thanks for the local elephant owners who helped to enable many of the 2,000 Kachin Christians to escape the jungle. Thank Him too for the generosity of Barnabas Fund supporters which enable us to send aid to those who fled the airstrikes. Pray that Aung San Suu Kyi’s government will respond to calls from the international community to end the persecution of Myanmar’s ethnic minorities, both Muslim and Christian.

Egypt - Village church shut down by mob still closed after "reconciliation". A church in the Egyptian village of al-Kumeira was forced to close following violence by local Muslims, despite Christians signing a "reconciliation" agreement after pressure from village elders and local politicians. Intercede for the Christian community of al-Kumeira who, despite obtaining official recognition of their church, now have nowhere to meet. Pray that the unjust "reconciliation" agreement will be overturned, and for safety for Christians, so that the church can be reopened.

Cuba - Children top targets of government’s anti-Christian discrimination. Christian children are a particular target of the authorities in Communist Cuba, according to the latest report from the independent United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. Researchers found that "community officials discriminate against Christians in employment and schools, including denying some Christian children food in schools". In 2017, Cuban authorities prosecuted church pastor Ramon Rigal and his wife Ayda for seeking to home school their children so they could receive a Christian education. The pastor was charged with "acting contrary to the normal development of a minor" and sentenced to one year of correctional labour, which was reduced to six months of house arrest on condition his children attended a government school. The pastor was also banned from leading his church, and ordered to take up a low-paid government job checking the local water supply for disease. Pray for an end to the deliberate discrimination against Christian children in schools. Call on the Lord to bring about a change of heart in the country’s Communist government, with the appointment of new president Miguel Díaz-Canel, so that authorities will no longer regard Christianity as a threat to the state. Pray for Pastor Ramon Rigal and his wife Ayda, that the joy of the Lord will be Ramon’s strength (Nehemiah 8:10) and that he will be a witness to Christ as he works checking the water supplies of local homes for mosquitos.

Geoff, Fay & Danni

Psalm 67:2-3 …so that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations. May the peoples praise you, God; may all the peoples praise you.

The beauty of the Gospel is its power to reach all people. At Mission Care our homes are filled with people of all backgrounds - with a variety of ailments and needs. This means we have a tremendous opportunity to share the Bible with a wide range of people. However, the difficulty lies within knowing how to communicate in every situation.

For example, we have a lady who suffered a stroke a few years ago. She can’t communicate in anything but the word "yes" and through the usage of picture cards. As you can imagine, knowing how to share the Bible with her is somewhat difficult, BUT – praise God - she has shown a desire to know more, as well as wanting us to pray with her.

Please pray for our team to have wisdom in how we practically communicate in the variety of circumstances that we face, that we would be creative in how we do it and that we would do it with love and empathy. We know that the Word is powerful, that the Spirit is not limited by illnesses, and that Jesus knows their needs, their backgrounds and - above all - their hearts. Remembering this is a great comfort to us all.

Please continue to pray for the Bible studies we do in all the homes. Phil will be starting a study in Homefield which is exciting as it means every home in MissionCare is now doing Bible studies. Please pray that we will be able to share His name faithfully.

Tim & Alison - UK

After the half term Tim will be having a colleague, from Hong Kong, who he will be training for a week. Please pray Tim will be able to pass on all important information and the training will go well. While training this means the other finance work will be on hold. Please pray the catch up during the rest of the month will happen effectively. Scripture recording distribution continues amongst Afghans. During this time of Ramadan please pray the scriptures will be listened too and God’s word will open the eyes of the Afghan people.

Alison has been busy on the house but there is still much to do. Please pray for Alison as she seeks God’s wisdom in the way forward regarding work. There may be an opportunity to do some studying but this would mean she could not return to work. God knows all things and the best way forward: it is having His wisdom in the midst of it!


Family life continues to have its entertainment. One slight change in routine can send emotions flying. Thank you for the prayers. We know, without a doubt, without God this would be impossible (there are times when it would be easier just to give up)!

Helen & Alastair - Ireland

hank you for your prayers for Ireland and it’s recent referendum on the 8th Amendment, the right to life of the unborn. Pray for the government as they prepare the new legislation. Pray too for the already over stretched medical system and how this will impact GPs (especially those who are pro-life) and hospitals. It will be uncertain times as many politicians voted no, against the government, so may be at risk of losing their seat.

On 11th June Alastair returns to the office after his three month sabbatical. He is grateful for this time of refreshment and is looking forward to leading the team with renewed vision. Our non-EU team members continue to face Visa challenges, some have to leave, and some have had theirs extended and changed to a different type of visa. Thankfully Alastair’s PA has been granted another year in Ireland. All those planning to join our team will now need to apply for the visa from their home country.

Our Big Red Bus Schools Tour will be going into some primary schools with the Bus, for stories, games and make crafts about some of Jesus’ miracles. During April and May, our Youth team have been going into secondary schools leading RE classes. Through this they have had so many opportunities to answer students’ questions and have given out Bibles to many students who asked for one. Secondary schools are now closed for the summer, but pray for the teens who have heard the Gospel and that they would read their Bibles.

Our Operations Team have been remodelling our offices including new stairs, a meeting room, and a new office for Alastair! Parts of the office building have had to be fireproofed. They were also joined by a team from Men in Mission to redo another one of the guest bathrooms, including installing a new shower.

Alisha will be taking her Junior Certificate exams (like GCSEs) between 6-20 June. Pray that she remembers all she has learnt over the past two years.