A Bible Believing Evangelical Church in the Community of Coldharbour in Eltham, S.E. London.

Pastor: Don Wilson

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There are some Christians who would argue at this time of year, that the Festive season is not – biblically speaking – a  proper Christian celebration.  Many would argue that it is not known with any certainty when Jesus was actually born; in  fact, the  25th of December was a pre-Christian pagan day of celebration long before the Church adopted it as Christ’s birthday!

So, why do we as Evangelical believers make such a fuss about this time of year? Why do we at Coldharbour church celebrate the Festive season?

Why?  The answer to this question is more a matter of practicality than of sentimentality.

We know by experience that at this time of year, so many people, young, old, and in between, are hearing and singing old traditional carols about the baby Jesus.  Many will be sending and receiving special cards with pictures of angels, shepherds and wise men worshiping a baby in a manger.  There will be clichés and slogans repeated again and again during this season, about ‘peace on earth’, love, and ‘goodwill towards all men’.  Virtually the entire nation – those religious or not – will enthusiastically celebrate these things that are traditionally ingrained into our Western psyche.

And we at Coldharbour know, that this celebration, correctly dated or not, celebrates the Incarnation – the  time in history when God took on human flesh, was born a human being so that He could live and die for those that He so dearly loved.

Now, if this is the focus that underlies the Festive celebrations, and if people will listen to our message more willingly now than at any other time of year, then – bring it on!

Bring on all the trees, the tinsel, and the crackers!  Bring on all the ‘ho, ho, ho’, and all the wrapped up presents!  If this gives us the opportunity to tell people about the incarnate Son of God, let’s all celebrate Christmas!